Representation matters!

Representation matters!

Mellemfolkeligt Samvirkes Together Against Racism Group is along with Mette Toft Nielsen inviting you to join a conversation about representation.

In this conversation we will talk about why it is important to listen to voices often silenced; who do these voices belong to; what is the information shared through these voices; why are these voices so rarely included in mainstream discourses?

How does it work? To ensure the conversation remains dynamic and maintains the interests of the people present, when a new person takes a seat at the table one of the already present people will leave the table. One in, one out. We encourage all the people of colour present to take a seat at the table, join the conversation and take up space.

Looking forward to seeing you on Saturday 22 September, 12-14h @ Sorte Firkant, Blågårdsgade 29, 2200 København N.
The event is free and no registration is required.

People invited to help kick off the conversation on education (12-13h):
• Mumiah Rasmusen
• José Arce
• Bwalya Sørensen

People invited to help kick off the conversation on the art and media (13-14h):
• Andrea Coloma
• Yong Sun Gullach
• Zozo Ntokazi Mposula

Moderator: Mette Toft Nielsen