Sprækker: Book launch & Installation by Mette Garfield

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Join us for the launch and installation of Mette Garfield's new book "Sprækker".
Thursday the 7th of February
from 5 pm - 8 pm

Sprækker er Mette Garfields skønlitterære debut udgivet af forlaget Arkiv for Detaljer. I forlængelse af udgivelsen har Mette Garfield i samarbejde med fotograf Frida Gregersen, klipper Niels Plenge samt lyddesignerne Jakob Garfield og Stefan Garfield Rasch-Holm lavet en installation med uddrag af teksten. Det fejres med reception og oplæsning af Bjørn Rasmussen og Mette Garfield torsdag d. 7 februar fra kl 17 - 20.

Sprækker er en punktroman hvis hovedfortælling kredser om to personer. En mor og hendes voksne datter. Det er en nuanceret fortælling om forholdet mellem en kvinde og hendes elsker og spejlingen mellem mor og datter.

Installationen vises til og med den 19. februar.

Representation matters!

Representation matters!

Mellemfolkeligt Samvirkes Together Against Racism Group is along with Mette Toft Nielsen inviting you to join a conversation about representation.

In this conversation we will talk about why it is important to listen to voices often silenced; who do these voices belong to; what is the information shared through these voices; why are these voices so rarely included in mainstream discourses?

How does it work? To ensure the conversation remains dynamic and maintains the interests of the people present, when a new person takes a seat at the table one of the already present people will leave the table. One in, one out. We encourage all the people of colour present to take a seat at the table, join the conversation and take up space.

Looking forward to seeing you on Saturday 22 September, 12-14h @ Sorte Firkant, Blågårdsgade 29, 2200 København N.
The event is free and no registration is required.

People invited to help kick off the conversation on education (12-13h):
• Mumiah Rasmusen
• José Arce
• Bwalya Sørensen

People invited to help kick off the conversation on the art and media (13-14h):
• Andrea Coloma
• Yong Sun Gullach
• Zozo Ntokazi Mposula

Moderator: Mette Toft Nielsen

The Dancer, the Drum & the Serpent

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The Dancer, the Drum & the Serpent
(Witchcraft, Cyborgs & Forms of Resistance)
Saturday September 22, from 4 - 6 pm
Sorte Firkant, Blågårdsgade 29
2200 Copenhagen N.

Join us September 22nd for a celebration of September equinox. When the Sun and the Earth align, and we pass from summer to winter or winter to summer (depending on our location on Earth). “The Dancer, the Drum & the Serpent” is an artistic program that explores the entanglement between witchcraft and cyborgs as forms of resistance to coloniality. In colonial times, dancing, drumming and spiritual practices were conceived of as witchcraft by the colonial rule. Drums were forbidden and destroyed while practitioners were burned as witches. But the dancer, the drum and the serpent move the cycles of seasons creating cracks and loopholes in the system. The event invites artists whose practice in different ways explores questions of how to restore or heal creative expression when the vital core has been cut off.


Miriam Haile
Monia Sander
Shekufe Tadayoni Heiberg
Linda Lazer
Lesley-Ann Brown

Free entrance

The installation by Monia Sander will be on display throughout October at Sorte Firkant during opening hours.
The programme will be followed by an Artist Talk + Open Forum with La Vaughn Belle and Jeannette Ehlers on the future of I AM QUEEN MARY on October 2, 2018 from 19.30 - 21.

The program is organised by Sorte Firkant and conceived in collaboration with Nazila Kivi & Salon Hysteria.
The program is supported by the Danish Arts Foundation and Nørrebro Lokal Udvalg

I AM QUEEN MARY – La Vaughn Belle & Jeannette Ehlers

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I AM QUEEN MARY – artists talk + Open forum
with La Vaughn Belle & Jeannette Ehlers
October 2, 2018 from 7.30 – 9 pm
Sorte Firkant | Blågårdsgade 29 | 2200 Copenhagen

On October 1, 1878: Queen Mary and the four queens of the Fireburn labour revolt took the Danish Colonial occupation in Virgin Islands by storm, to better the working and living conditions of the workers in the plantation system.
On March 31, 2018 La Vaughn Belle & Jeannette Ehlers erected the first monument to honour Queen Mary on the harbour front of Copenhagen and took the world by storm:
International media outlets from around the world covered the inauguration of this ground breaking public monument and tourists from around the world have flocked to Copenhagen to see it, rivalling The Little Mermaid, who sits just up the block from Queen Mary. But the future of Queen Mary is still uncertain. Come listen to the Artists talk about the project – and how the community can come together to support the future of “I AM QUEEN MARY”.

Free entrance but limited seats - first come first serve.

The Event is organised by Sorte Firkant
The event is part of the program “The Dancer, The Drum & The Serpent (Witchcraft, Cyborgs and forms of Resistance)” which is supported by the Danish Foundation and Nørrebro Lokaludvalg.

more information about the I AM QUEEN MARY PROJECT https://www.iamqueenmary.com/

Tarab Night


Sorte Firkant in collaboration with Koncertkirken is glad to announce that Tarab event will take place on the 29th of June 8 pm at KoncertKirken.
Four musicians forming takht sharqi (a traditional Arabic music ensemble) will take us in a journey of ecstasy.
Line up:
Vocal: Bakri Hemmami
Oud: Bilal Irshed
Violin: Safwan Kilani
Percussions: Saer Al Jaishi

Tickets are available:
On Billeto: https://billetto.dk/en/e/tarab-tickets-293124
Ticket price: 100 Dkk

Hope to see you there
Sorte Firkant

Lina Majdalanie: Artist Talk




Tuesday, June 5 at 8 PM - 10 PM

Lebanese actress, director and playwright Lina Majdalanie will give a talk about her prolific artistic practice. Lina Majdalanie's works include Do I Know you? (2017), A Drop of Sweat (2015), 33 rpm and a few seconds (2012), Photo-Romance (2009), Appendice (2007), I Had A Dream, Mom (video, 2006), Biokhraphia (2002), and others. She has curated Relatively Universal (HAU-Berlin 2017), Beyond Beirut (Mousonturm-Frankfurt, 2016), Vues (Kunsthalle-Mulhouse, 2015) and Motion-Less (Tanzquartier-Vienna, 2009). She taught at HEAD (Geneva, 2008-2013), DasArts (Amsterdam, 2012) and Goethe University (Frankfurt, 2016). She is a member of Home Workspace Curricular Committee - Ashkal Alwan (Beirut 2010-2014). She was a fellow at the International Research Center "Interweaving Performance Cultures" at Freie Universität (Berlin 2009/2010). She opted the pseudonym Lina Majdalanie in April 2015.

Free Entrance and every one is welcome